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Does NetBrain ServiceNow App require any additional license?

What custom tables does NetBrain create in ServiceNow to support our NetBrain ServiceNow App?


[Plugin] Compare Recent Benchmark Device Access Status with Scheduled Report via Email

This plugin is an addition to benchmark device report. It compares the latest device logs to the previous task so that the NetBrain admin can easily figure out what just failed most recently. It needs to combine with an existing benchmark task and a report will be generated after benchmark task is completed. Below is a preview of the report.


How to Keep Site Maps Up-to-Date?

NetBrain users creates all site maps and benchmark is scheduled daily. However, the site maps are still up-to-date and always showing 'update map' link the top right corner of the maps. Site maps will not be updated automatically until "Update Site Maps" is enable in System Benchmark.


Keep Customized Changes of Adding or Deleting Devices on Site Maps

Removing a device or site belonging to a site map, it will come back after update map while adding a device or site doesn't belong to a site map, it will be removed after update map. This type of customization will not be retained after either map update in a benchmark task or manual update map from a site map.


Update Management Interface IP

NetBrain uses the default management interface selection order to select the management IPs that used for accessing to the devices. In some case the management IP NetBrain selection may be not expected as NetBrain could use the first IP it discovered on a device as the mgmt. IP when no matches found.


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