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Verifying NetBrain Auto-Update/Patch Readiness (IE10.1)

Is your NetBrain IE10.1 system ready to support service patches delivered through our new auto-update feature? This standalone tool can help verify!


Extending ServiceNow App compatibility to custom ServiceNow tables

This article describes the steps to extend NetBrain Trigger result compatibility to customized ServiceNow tables.


Common NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0 Questions

NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0 FAQs


How to deploy NetBrain App 3.0 on free ServiceNow Dev Instance?

This article describes the steps to install NetBrain App 3.0 to a free ServiceNow Dev Instance by using Update Set. This deployment guide should only be used for solution POC and testing purposes on ServiceNow free Dev Instance. For a production environment, please install the App through ServiceNow App Store.


Understanding the ".identity" & ".activate" Files of Offline NetBrain Activiation

What are those .identity and .activate files that I exchange with the NetBrain Technical Support team during activation?


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