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    NetBrain uses the default management interface selection order to select the management IPs that used for accessing to the devices. In some case the management IP NetBrain selection may be not expected as NetBrain could use the first IP it discovered on a device as the mgmt. IP when no matches found.  


    To change the management IP in NetBrain, please follow the below steps. 
    1.    Login to the NetBrain End User Interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges.
    2.    Navigate to NetBrain Domain Management interface and Click on Operations -> Domain Settings -> Advanced Settings.
    3.    Update and Apply ‘Management Interface Selection Order’ setting accordingly.

    4.    Update management IPs on devices in Tune Live Access

    a.    Navigate to NetBrain Domain Management interface and Click on Operations -> Advanced Tool -> Tune Live Access.

    b.    Set tuning mode settingin Options to ‘Auto Set Device Settings’ and select ‘Management IP’ only.

    c.    Select the devices that need Management IP update and click ‘Start Tuning’ to execute the change and verify the result by looking at the Management IP column





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