Update Device Network Credential After it's Changed


    Out-dated network credentials configured in Network Setting could prevent NetBrain from accessing network devices, which results inaccurate network topology, live path failures, benchmark failures, etc. 


    1.    Login to the NetBrain End User Interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges
    2.    Navigate to NetBrain Domain Management interface and Click on Operations -> Discover Setting -> Network Settings

    3.    Right-click on the credentials that need to be updated from Telent/SSH login or Privilege Login tab and click ‘Edit’. 


    4.    Create Device Group to include the devices that require network credential update by clicking ‘Add to Device Group’ from the menu. 
    5.    Navigate to Operations -> Advanced Tool ->Tune Live Access


    6.    Select the device group created from step 4, then click ‘Start Tuning’



    7.    Verify the network credential update 

    • Once Tuning is completed, all the devices in the device group should receive the network credential update. 
    • ‘Succeeded’ is expected under ‘Login’ and ‘Enable’ column for Telnet/SSH login and Privilege Login respectively. 




    Integrated Edition 8.0Integrated Edition 8.01Integrated Edition 8.02Integrated Edition 8.03Integrated Edition 10.0

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