Service Monitor Agents are not Displaying on the Service Monitor Page.


    Service monitor agents should be installed automatically during the installation. If they are not displaying on the Service Monitor page, the below steps will be helpful to find out the root cause. Here we take All-in-Two deployment as an example. If your deployment is distributed, please check all servers according to the steps.


    Remediation Steps

    Step 1Please verify whether the Linux server and Windows server date and time are within 3 minutes difference. They should be configured in the same time zone to avoid data synchronization issues.


    Step 2Please check the service monitor configuration file on both servers. You can compare these two configuration files and they should be exactly the same.

    On Linux server: If you keep the default directory, you will find the service monitor configuration under /etc/netbrain/nbagent. Please check the agent.conf file and check the api_url in it. Please figure out whether you are using HTTPS or HTTP, and the IP address of the web server or the domain name of the web server. Please pay attention to the format the api_url.

    NetBrain Tip: In some situation, if there's only the Linux server or the Windows server is displaying on the page, please use the displayed server's agent.conf as a reference and modify the other server's agent.conf file accordingly.


    On Windows server: You can find the agent.conf in the ProgramData folder, which is a hidden folder.



    Step 3: Please restart Service Monitor service after modifying the agent.conf file.

    On Linux server: 

    systemctl restart netbrainagent to restart the service monitorsystemctl status netbrainagent to check the status

    On Window server:

    Go to Task Manager or Services to restart NetBrainAgent.

    Then, please wait for a few minutes and refresh the Service Monitor page to see whether they are connected or not.


    Step 4: If these steps do not work, or the Service Monitor shows some services are disconnected, please contact to raise a case, and attach the service monitor logs as well.






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