[Plugin] Compare Recent Benchmark Device Access Status with Scheduled Report via Email



    This plugin is an addition to benchmark device report. It compares the latest device logs to the previous task so that the NetBrain admin can easily figure out what just failed most recently. It needs to combine with an existing benchmark task and a report will be generated after benchmark task is completed. Below is a preview of the report.




    1.    Login to the NetBrain End User Interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges.
    2.    Navigate to NetBrain Domain Management interface and Click on Operations -> Advanced Tools -> Plugin Manager. 


    3.    Import attached plugin file to My Plugin. 


    4.    Add the plugin to the benchmark task and configure the email address. 

    a.    Go to benchmark editor and navigate to Plugins. 
    b.    Add the imported Plugin by clicking on ‘Add Execution Point: After retrieving live data’

    c.    The following fields can be modified as needed (Recommended if there are multiple benchmark):

    1)    Email addresses (“to_email”)
    2)    Email Subject (“email_subject”)
    3)    Report Filename (“report_filename”): Please note that you do not have to add the file extension. Also, date and time stamp will be automatically appended to the filename.

    e.    Submit the changes. 

    5.    The report will be sent out every time benchmark completes. 




    Integrated Edition 8.0Integrated Edition 8.01Integrated Edition 8.02Integrated Edition 8.03Integrated Edition 10.0


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