NetBrain Automation: ITSM Incident Data Collection


    Starting with NetBrain Integrated Edition 10.0, as part of a NetBrain services engagement, our Automation Engineers can help create intent-based automation for your network issues through comprehensive analysis of your historical ITSM incident data.

    Working directly with your incident data that has been provided, our NetBrain Automation Center of Excellence will apply a variety of data mining techniques to understand your network by analyzing the available incident data across all incident categories and types.  Commonalities in the established root causes, vendors and technologies in use, and manual debugging techniques used for identified devices, areas of network, technologies will all be collected and provided back to the customer in a comprehensive report.


    ITSM Incident Data Requirements (General) 

    To get started with the incident data analysis, the NetBrain Automation Team will require the following fields from your ITSM system.  The NetBrain Automation Team recommends providing at least 6-12 months of incident data to help establish clear trending within your network environment.

    The fields described below may not have direct 1:1 correlations in your ITSM system.  Please review the requested fields and provide those that match closely to your system.  When in doubt, always provide additional data and the NetBrain Automation team can identify the most appropriate data to use.


    Field Name


    Incident Date

    Date/Time the ticket was opened

    Ticket Type

    Type of incident


    Internal priority when incident was opened

    Target MTTR

    Internal SLA for resolution of this type of incident

    Resolution MTTR

    Date/Time of incident closure or actual time open

    Incident Number

    Internal number associated with the incndent

    Resolved Priority

    Associated incident priority at the time of closure

    Device Type

    Type of device(s) involved in incident

    Incident Summary

    Short description / impact statement including what features and functionality of the network that is no longer operative

    Trigger Category

    Source of incident creation (manual vs. monitoring system)

    Resolution Summary

    Root cause analysis with troubleshooting and resolution details

    Assigned Engineer

    Engineer that owned resolution of the logged incident case


    To expedite review of the incident data, please ensure that data is provided in a CSV or Excel format with descriptive column headers and no blank columns.


    ITSM Incident Data Requirements (ServiceNow) 

    Our NetBrain Automation Center of Excellence has reviewed a number of ServiceNow equipped ITSM accounts and have identified the following fields as critical to help with the incident analysis activity.


    Column Name

    Number, Caller, Category, Subcategory, Configuration Item, Short Description, Description, State, Impact, Urgency, Priority, Assignment Group, Assigned To, Work Notes, Resolution Information, Time Worked, Close Notes, Created, Closed

    To help support discussions between NetBrain Administrators and ServiceNow Adminstrators, NetBrain has produced a simple document that describes the steps required to export the required incident data and report from ServiceNow (attached at the bottom of this KB Article).




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