Keep Customized Changes of Adding or Deleting Devices on Site Maps


    Removing a device or site belonging to a site map, it will come back after update map while adding a device or site doesn't belong to a site map, it will be removed after update map. This type of customization will not be retained after either map update in a benchmark task or manual update map from a site map. 


    The duplicated page will retain user’s operations as being a standard customized map, while the site map default page still follows the current logic after update map.
    1.     Login to the NetBrain End User Interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges
    2.    Navigate to NetBrain Desktop and Click on Site Pane on the left. 


    3.    Select target site map and click ‘Open Site Map’. 
    4.    Once the site map is open, click "Duplicate Page" button from the top-left corner of the map. 


    5.    On the newly created page, add your devices that don’t belong to this site map or remove add devices from the map that are part of this site. 
    6.    Save the map once change is done. Now the map will stay as it is even after update map is triggered. 




    Integrated Edition 8.0Integrated Edition 8.01Integrated Edition 8.02Integrated Edition 8.03Integrated Edition 10.0

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