Extending ServiceNow App 3.0 compatibility to custom ServiceNow tables


    The NetBrain app in ServiceNow App store is compatible with 3 types of tables in the Global scope:

    1. incident
    2. change_request
    3. problem

    This means that NetBrain maps are appended to records corresponding to these default tables only. If it's desired to extend compatibility to other tables then it's possible to edit/clone the backend configurations of these default tables to other tables.


    Backend Configurations

    When the ServiceNow app is configured, configurations are added to the following modules inside ServiceNow.

    1. Business Rules   (under System Definition)
    2. Formatters   (under System UI)
    3. Client Scripts   (under System Definition)
    4. Application Cross-Scope Access   (under System Applications)


    Each table's configurations are added as records to each of the above modules. For example, the image below shows the configurations of the tables in the Business Rules module.

    In the steps below, we will go to each of the modules and change the target table setting from incident (under global scope) to a custom table x_it_incident (under IT scope).

    If it's desired to have compatibility to both tables, just clone the existing record and add it instead of editing it.

    Please note, administrator level privileges would be required to make the following changes, so reach out to the ServiceNow admin to make these changes.



    1. Updating the Business Rule
      • Navigate to System Definition   >>   Business Rules
      • Search "nb" in the Name field
      • Click NB Rule checker For Incident
      • Switch application scope to NetBrain
      • Change the Table field from Incident [incident] to IT Incident [x_it_incident]
      • Click Update button
      • Search "Modify" in the Name field
      • Click Modify Checker For Incident
      • Switch application scope to NetBrain
      • Change the Table field from Incident [incident] to IT Incident [x_it_incident]
      • Click Update button
    2. Updating the Formatters
      • Navigate to System UI   >>   Formatters
      • Search in Name field for Trigger
      • Open TriggerResultFormatter For Incident
      • Switch application scope to NetBrain
      • Change Table field from Incident [incident] to IT Incident [x_it_incident]
      • Click Update button
    3. Updating   Application Cross-Scope Access
      • Navigate to System Applications   >>   Application Cross-Scope Access
      • Click New button to create a new privilege from NetBrain source scope to IT target scope with target name "x_it_incident" to allow CREATE/DELETE/WRITE/READ operations
    4. Changing the Default View of x_it_incident table
      • Open Form Layout of the table
      • Select Default View in View Name
      • In Section, click New... to create a new section
      • Find TriggerResultFormatter For Incident from Available and push it to Selected
      • Save Form Layout
    5. Precaution:
      • Do not forget to sync Shared Data Definition of x_it_incident to NetBrain
      • Do not forget to change trigger to x_it_incident

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