How to deploy NetBrain App 3.0 on free ServiceNow Dev Instance?

    Problem Description

    This article describes the steps to install NetBrain App 3.0 to a free ServiceNow Dev Instance by using Update Set.
    This deployment guide should only be used for solution POC and testing purposes on ServiceNow free Dev Instance.
    For a production environment, please install the App through ServiceNow App Store.



    1. Request NetBrain Update Set XML file

    1. Create a ticket to and request NetBrain Update Set XML file. 

    2. Upload XML file to ServiceNow instance

    1. After login to ServicenNow instance, search “Retrieved Update Sets” in navigation bar
    2. Click “Import Update Set from XML” button in right panel 
    3. Click “Choose Files” and select the target XML file from the local folder. Note: The file will be provided by NetBrain Integration team 
    4. Click “Upload” to upload XML file
    5. The file will be uploaded and display in the right panel

    3. Preview Update Set

    1. Click the target Update Set from Reviewed Update Set list
    2. Click “Preview Update Set” and wait until if finish. It includes 231 errors and warnings

    4. Delete error and warning

    1. Within the same page, under the “Update Set Preview Problems” tab, scroll to the bottom page and check the checkbox to select all errors/warnings on this page
    2. Click “Actions on Selected rows…” in the bottom and select “Delete” option 
    3. Repeat step-a to step-b to delete all 231 errors/warnings 

    5. Commit Update Set

    1.  After delete all errors/warnings, “Commit Update Set” option is available in the same page. Click “Commit Update Set” button to commit the change. 
    2. Note: Ignore the result of “Failed at 100%”. Search NetBrain in ServiceNow navigation bar and test a trigger to verify if Update Set installed successfully. 

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