How to allow non-NetBrain user to access triggered maps after upgrade ServiceNow App from 2.0 to 3.0?

    Problem Description

    Starting from NetBrain IEv10.1, NetBrain introduced a new technology "Incident Portal" for non-NetBrain users to access the triggered automation results as an improvement to enable the network troubleshooting collaboration across different IT teams.

    In this case, in NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0, the Embedded Map, which was utilized in NetBrain ServiceNow App 2.0 for collaboration purposes, is removed and replaced by Incident Portal.

    After upgrading the App from 2.0 to 3.0, 2 settings must be configured to enable the Incident Portal Link within the "NetBrain Automation" section to allow non-NetBrain users to access the triggered maps and results.

    This article describes how the 2 settings can be configured. 


    1. Send Shared Data Fields to NetBrain (Setting in ServiceNow)
      1. Log in to ServiceNow as an admin user, who can access NetBrain App configuration tables.
      2. From the navigation bar, search "netbrain".
      3. From the search results in the navigation bar, click on "Shared Data Field" under "NetBrain Incident Configuration".
      4. From the panel on the right side, select the ITSM table that you want to enable the Incident Portal, i.e. Incident.
      5. Leave the setting as is, then click the "Send Data Fields to NetBrain" button.
      6. If the notification pops up on the top of the page is "Sync to NetBrain API was successful", the operation is completed successfully. Otherwise, please check your NetBrain Connector setting and health status.
    2. Create a common NetBrain Incident Type (Setting in NetBrain)
      1. Log in to NetBrain as an admin user, who should at least have domain access and the "Shared Resource and File Management" privilege assigned.
      2. Click on the NetBrain main menu and search for "Intent-Based Triggered Automation".
      3. Click the button to jump to the setting page.
      4. Under Incident Type tab, click "+ Add Incident Type" button.
      5. Fill out the form with the following settings.
        1. Incident Type: V2 Trigger Incident Portal
        2. Description: This incident type is created to enable Incident Portal Link in ServiceNow for V2 triggers. Please always set it as the lowest "Matching Order".
        3. Source: <Your ServiceNow instance URL>
        4. Category: <The ServiceNow ITSM table that you send Shared Data Field in Step 1, i.e. incident>
        5. Condition: No condition
        6. Enabled Dynamic Diagnosis: unchecked
        7. Settings to Define Incident
          1. Enable Incident Merging: unchecked
          2. New Incident Settings: Leave it as default
        8. Settings for Incident Message
          1. Define Incident Message: unchecked
          2. Recommended Interactive Automation: unchecked

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