How to Restore Admin account

    This solution can help you to restore the admin account if you lost the admin account password. In order to reset admin privilege, we need to update the admin account's password via a database tool. Please download the NoSQL Manager at or go to to download the Freeware version, and then install it on your worker server.

    Please refer to the following screenshot to connect MongoDB via NoSQL Manager Freeware.

    1. Please use Standalone Host.
    2. This field is the IP address of the primary Linux server.
    3. The default port number is 27017. You can change it if you have customized port number.
    4. This field if for additional information about the database. You can leave it blank.
    5. Please double check your MongoDB version. If you are on version is 7.x, you should use SCRAM-SHA-1(Mongo 3.x default); If you are on version 8.x, you should use SCRAM-SHA-256(Mongo 4.x default).
    6. Fill in the username and password of MongoDB
    7. Keep it as admin.
    8. This field will be changed accordingly when you configure in the Field 2.

    After successfully connecting, please go to NGSystem -> Collections -> User -> Data , and then right click on the first user which name is admin to edit the document of the user account.

    After entering the document, you need to reset the admin password by copying the string 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3. Then click OK to save it.

    Now, please log in to your NetBrain Interface Administrator Login via username: admin, password: admin. Then go to System management -> User Accounts -> edit user name to assign admin user rights to the specific user.

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