How to Keep Site Maps Up-to-Date?


    NetBrain users creates all site maps and benchmark is scheduled daily. However, the site maps are still up-to-date and always showing 'update map' link the top right corner of the maps. Site maps will not be updated automatically until "Update Site Maps" is enable in System Benchmark. Each site or device group (excluding media) has its own auto-generated map to reflect the topology among sites and devices. When network changes occur, map data will be out-of-date, such as configuration files, topology, and data views. Through recurring benchmark tasks, you can schedule map updates with the latest benchmark data and regularly export maps to Visio files. 


    1.    Login to the NetBrain End User Interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges
    2.    Navigate to NetBrain Domain Management interface and Click on Operations -> Schedule Task


    3.    Edit System Benchmark task to locate ‘Additional Operations after Benchmark’ and check the box of ‘Update Site Map’.


    4.    Click on ‘Select Map’ to select all the site maps.


    5.    Verify the result after benchmark completes successfully from NetBrain Desktop.





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