How to Increase the SSH Timeout Value from Linux Front Servers

    Error message: "Connecting failed, error code:1800, error description: Timeout."

    This error means the SSH is timeout during the live access. Below is the solution to increasing the timeout value on a Linux Front Server.

    Step 1. SSH to the Linux Front server. Navigate to the installation path of the front server. The default path is: /usr/lib/netbrain/frontserver/

    If you don't remember the path, please try find / -name fix_livesetting.ini file. Then edit this file to see the path.

    Step 2. Please go to ./conf and locate the fix_livesetting.ini file, increase the SSHConnectTimeout value and save the change.

    Step 3. Please restart the front server service with the following commands. Make sure the service is active(running) after restarting.

    service netbrainfrontserver restart
    service netbrainfrontserver status

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