Found empty device queue of triggered Runbook nodes with proper qualification setting

    Problem Description

    With proper Runbook nodes qualification setting and qualified devices on a map, found empty device queue on Runbook nodes from a triggered Runbook.

    Note: This is only applicable to 10.0a and above versions.


    Steps to Reproduce

    1. Setup an API Stub with a Runbook of Qapp, Execute CLI Commands and DVT.
      • Note: Leave Runbook Target Device Qualification setting empty as default.
    2. Trigger the task to run.
    3. Open the map and review the Runbook execution results on each node.
    4. Qapp and Execute CLI Commands nodes have empty device queues with no output result.



    The Runbook Target Device Qualification is a newly added qualification first introduced in 10.0a.

    Without clearly indicating the qualification setting, no device will be qualified on the Runbook level as the first step, which causes an empty device queue of each Runbook node except DVT node, even though the node qualification is configured properly.



    Adding the Runbook Target Device Qualification accordingly resolves the issue.

    Integrated Edition 10.0

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