Discover Cisco Meraki Devices via Proxy


    1. Log into the NetBrain End User interface with an account that has Domain Management privileges.
    2. From the main user interface desktop, navigate to the Quick Access Toolbar, click on the Domain Name.
    3. In the Domain Selection dialog, click "Manage Domain".
    4. In the Domain Mangement interface, navigate to the Quick Access Toolbar, then click "Operations".
    5. In the Operations drop-down, click "Discover Settings", then "API Server Manager".
    6. In the API Server Manager, edit the existing API Server associated with Cisco Meraki.
    7. In the Edit External API Server dialog, expand Advanced section.
    8. In the Key column input
      1. http_proxy if your organization proxy server uses http protocol
      2. https_proxy if your organization proxy server uses https protocol
    9. In the Value column input the proxy server full URL
    10. Click "Test" to see if this works and then "OK" to save the configuration.


    Integrated Edition 8.03Integrated Edition 10.0

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