Disable NetBrain Software Update Available Email (10.0)


    As a customer, following upgrade to NetBrain 10.0x you may begin to receive the following emails from the NetBrain system if it has been configured to send emails in your network.


    Dear NetBrain Customer,

    As part of our commitment to provide our valued customers with regular fixes and improvements, we are writing to inform you that a new software update is available for your NetBrain Integrated Edition automation platform.

    We strongly suggest that you take the time to review the available release notes and apply the update at your earliest convenience. During this software update, your NetBrain Integrated Edition automation platform will be unavailable. All operations will resume immediately after the update has completed.

    1. Login to the NetBrain System Management Interface with an account that has system admin privileges.

    2. In the System Management Interface, click Operations from the quick access toolbar, then click System Update.

    3. In the System Update page, review the release notes then follow the displayed instructions.

    4. You will automatically be redirected to login to our Customer Success Center to complete a secure download of your software update.

    5. Import the software update to the NetBrain platform using the provided password.

    6. Schedule your NetBrain software update activity.

    For detailed instructions on our automated software update process, please consult our Online Help.

    If you have any questions or concerns, we are here to help. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the NetBrain Customer Success Center, support@netbraintech.com, or by phone at +1 (800) 605-7964 / +1 (781) 221-7199.

    NetBrain Team


    This Knowledge Base article will describe the process to disable these emails from being generated.




    1. Log into the NetBrain System Management / Administration Interface with an account that has system admin privileges:



    1. In the System Management interface, select Operations > System Update.
    2. In the System Update page, uncheck the box next to "Automatically check the latest version".


    1. Close the System Update tab and log out of the System Management interface.


    When this checkbox is enabled and the NetBrain windows server can access the internet, the NetBrain services will check to confirm if any new Service Patches, Driver Updates, or customized resources are available.   These can be optionally downloaded and applied, by following our online documentation guide here.




    Integrated Edition 10.0

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    Don Click5/23/2022 9:53 AM

    What if we just need to DISABLE the Email notification for specific Admin level users? I dont want to disable updates, JUST the email.

    Jeff Notaro5/16/2023 9:31 PM

    Hi Don - In NetBrain 10.0, following these steps will disable the email notification ONLY. The updates will still be available and take place. This particular bug was resolved with our NetBrain 10.0a and R11 releases.

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