Common NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0 Questions


    Are you a NetBrain Administrator that is considering integrating NetBrain with your existing ServiceNow platform?  Below are some common questions posed to NetBrain regarding the details of the integration.


    ServiceNow Platform

    Q: How resource intensive is the NetBrain SNOW App 3.0 integration on our ServiceNow instance?

    A: NetBrain does not performance test the ServiceNow platform with the NetBrain application enabled.  By appearing as a certified application in the ServiceNow storefront, NetBrain believes that ServiceNow has been properly qualified by ServiceNow.


    Q: What custom tables will be created by NetBrain SNOW App 3.0?

    A: NetBrain SNOW App 3.0 creates 10 custom tables.

    1. EnableUpdate
    2. General Settings
    3. Map
    4. NetBrain Automation Templates
    5. NetBrain Connector
    6. Parameter Mapping
    7. Shared Data Field
    8. Trigger Log
    9. Trigger Rule
    10. Trigger Rule V3


    Q: What data will be stored in ServiceNow by NetBrain App 3.0?

    A: NetBrain triggered automation configuration settings and the trigger results as links will be stored in ServiceNow within the 10 tables above. NetBrain incidents, maps, and automation results are all stored in NetBrain database, and are accessible from ServiceNow incidents through hyperlinks. Some automation results will be highlighted in ServiceNow incidents for end-user to review.


    Q: Does the "NetBrain Automation" tab appear on all incidents once the NetBrain ServiceNow application is installed or does it appear only on incidents where NetBrain Automation is triggered?

    A: By default, the NetBrain Automation tab will appear on all incidents, change requests, and problems once the application is installed. This is customizable in different views.


    Q: Does NetBrain use or require any of the data from the ServiceNow discovery tasks?  Does it need information from the ServiceNow discovered device relationships?

    A: No - NetBrain operates independently from that information.



    Q: Is synced CMDB a pre-requisites for using the NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0?

    A: No - This integration solution is a data-driven automation. The NetBrain ServiceNow App 3.0 is only responsible to stream necessary ServiceNow table field values to NetBrain Triggered Automation Framework (TAF) to be processed. The device and application service information are not necessarily to be provided by a Configuration Item field, but any field with text value in it. NetBrain TAF has the capability to parse the data from a string.



    NetBrain System

    Q: Does NetBrain API user consume seat license?

    A: No - NetBrain API user sessions will not consume seat license.


    Q: How long will the content created by NetBrain trigger persist in the NetBrain platform?  Is this configurable?

    A: All generated data will be stored in the Netbrain platform in accordance with the Data Clean Settings that are defined in the Domain Management Interface.  For more information, consult our online help documentation:

    Cleaning Domain Data

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